Institutional Research And Analyses Reports

The Division of Institutional Research and Analyses is responsible for compiling student data from the 23 campuses of the California State University and disseminating statistical information about applications received, new enrollments, continuing enrollments, and degrees conferred. Many of the statistical tables posted on this site fulfill California or Federal reporting requirements. Other tables provide feedback regarding academic policies enacted by the CSU Board of Trustees. A small number of tables provide information related to budget allocations and fee revenues. Basic information for any college year can be found in the Statistical Reports series and each edition of the division's Statistical Abstract lists historical tables derived from the individual Statistical Reports. The unit also provides information on special themes such as academic performance reports among new undergraduates during their first year of study, math and English proficiency for new freshmen at entry, teaching credentials awarded, and student responses to periodic surveys (see links posted to the left). Definitions for all the data elements used to generate statistics for CSU students can be found in the Operations Manual, which is also posted on the site.


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