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Proficiency Reports of Students Entering The CSU System


California High School Reports of
Mathematics and English Proficiency

If at least five students from a California high school enrolled at the California State University as regularly admitted first-time freshman, then a high school report is produced that includes proficiency rates in mathematics and English.

      Updated 04/03/2018


CSU Freshman Proficiency Rates

CSU Trustee policy is that new students must demonstrate proficiency in math and English before they can enroll in college-level math and English courses. Proficiency is based on performance on standardized tests or performance on the CSU Entry Level Math (ELM) exam and the CSU English Placement Test (EPT). The annual proficiency rates, and their opposites-remediation rates, are available below for each CSU campus.


CSU Freshman Proficiency
- Campus and Systemwide


CSU Freshman Remediation
- Campus and Systemwide


CSU Freshman Proficiency
and Remediation Combined
- Campus and Systemwide

      Updated 01/11/2018


CSU Freshman Proficiency and Remediation
At Entry and One Year Later
- Campus and Systemwide

CSU Board Policy also states that new students that were not proficient at entry must attain proficiency by the end of their first college year. One year later outcomes are available below for each CSU campus.

      Updated 12/19/2017


Related site: Early Assessment Program

The Early Assessment Program is an option taken by high school students as an addition to the California Standards Tests and counts as a high school equivalent of ELM and EPT. The EAP is a collaborate effort with the State Board of Education, the California Department of Education and the California State University (CSU). The EAP provides opportunities for high school students in the 11th grade to measure their readiness in English and mathematics for college-level studies and then receive services in the 12th grade to improve their skills.

   Early Assessment Program

The Early Start Program is required for incoming freshmen who have not demonstrated proficiency in English and/or mathematics. Students begin remediation prior to the term for which they have been admitted, e.g., summer prior to fall. The program seeks to better prepare students in math and English, before the fall semester of freshman year and ultimately improve a students' chances of successful completion of a college degree.

   Early Start Program

ELM: Entry Level Mathematics. Focus on Mathematics provides information about the entry level mathematics requirement of the CSU (ELM test).

EPT: English Proficiency Test. Focus on English provides information about the entry level English requirement of the CSU (EPT test).

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