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California High School and
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Academic Performance Reports

The CSU provides each California high school and community college that sends five or more students to the CSU system an Academic Performance Report tailored especially for that institution. These reports present summary information on the academic performance of students in their first year at the CSU. For freshmen from California high schools, that information includes grade point averages, mean SAT and ACT scores, persistence from first to second year, and performance on the EPT and ELM. Aggregate information for each institution is compared to system averages so high schools can compare their graduates' performance with that of graduates through out the state. For Community Colleges, information includes campus destinations, ethnic distribution, grade point averages, and continuation rates.


California High School Academic Performance Reports

       Added 2016-2017 on 10/18/2017


California Community College Academic Performance Reports

       Added 2015-2016 on 05/05/16

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