Graduation Rates at The California State University

Historical 6-Year Graduation Rates
by Gender and Ethnicity of
CSU Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen and
Undergraduate Transfers

Since spring 2002, the CSU has posted IPEDS-defined graduation and continuation rates on its Analytic Studies web site ( The available tables contain 6-year graduation and continuation rates for the system and individual campuses. The oldest cohort represents students that first enrolled at the CSU in fall 1995 as first-time, full-time freshmen. As a member of the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE), the CSU also posts comparable 6-year rates for undergraduate transfers from California community colleges at the same site. Here the oldest cohort represents new undergraduate students that first enrolled at the CSU in fall 1995 with at least 30 semester transfer units. More details about how the rates were collected can be found at the CSRDE website. Both sets of data list separate rates for females and males and separate rates for selected ethnic categories.

The FRESHMEN link below provides some historical context for the mandated IPEDS-defined rates described above. The selected tables provide comparable gender-specific and ethnic-specific rates for successive cohorts of undergraduates that entered CSU between fall 1975 and fall 1994. All the reported rates reflect system totals. The CCC-TRANSFER link provides the same set of selected tables for students from California community colleges.

The COMPARISON link below contrasts historical 6-year graduation rates for new first-time full-time freshmen and undergraduate transfers. Here the observed freshmen rates are adjusted to look like undergraduate transfer rates; that is, the only freshmen that are tracked for the comparison are those that survived their first two years of study. When this is done, both groups represent sophomores and juniors pursuing a baccalaureate. For more information see the notes page for the First-Time, Full-time Freshmen, California Community College Transfers, and Comparative Rates.

First-Time Freshmen by Gender and Ethnicity (updated: 5/17/11)

California Community College Transfer Rates (updated: 7/20/11)

Equalized (Comparison) Grad Rates (updated: 11/1/10)

Statistical Briefs on 12-Year Graduation Rates
CSU Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen

The following two research reports provide historical graduation rates and continuation rates for CSU undergraduates based on IPEDS methodology; the one difference is that the single-year graduation rates are derived from a 12-year observation period, rather than a 6-year observation period. This extension allows the analysis to capture nearly all of the observed graduation events documented by CSU campuses. The graduation rates were derived from three cohorts of first-time, full-time undergraduates: fall 1975, fall 1985, and fall 1995.

The first brief displays rates for the system and each campus. The second brief focuses on rates for gender and ethnicity groups across the system.

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