Table 5

The California State University First-Time Freshmen
from California Public and Private High Schools
English Proficiency by Institution of Origin
Regular Admits, Fall 2013

Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (ECALS)
Los Angeles

  Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (ECALS) All California High Schools
English Proficiency Number Percent   Percent
Total Assessed 6
    Exempt from EPT 3 50 59
    Scored 147 or above
    on EPT
0 0 8
    Demonstrated Proficiency
    Prior To Enrollment
0 0 1
    Not Proficient in English 3 50 32
EPT Mean Scores
Essay Subtest Mean 3 3
Reading Subtest Mean 138 137
Composing Subtest Mean 137 140
Total EPT Mean 140 141

Focus on English provides information about the entry-level English requirement for all first-time freshmen. Besides describing the EPT scoring standards, the document explains scores on other tests that will exempt students from EPT testing. The document also includes samples of the types of questions appearing on EPT plus examples of essays and how they are scored.

Explanation of EPT