Analytic Studies Auxiliary Reports

Graduation Rates at The California State University
2 sets of reports: Historical 6-Year Graduation Rates by Gender and Ethnicity of CSU Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen and Undergraduate Transfers and Statistical Briefs on 12-Year Graduation Rates, CSU Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen

Student Needs and Priorities Survey (SNAPS)
Reports on students' perceptions about their educational experiences at CSU. Includes SNAPS 1999 brief, SNAPS 1994 Report and SNAPS 1999 survey form.

Campus-specific reports on the CSU’s broader performance of student achievement. This report is finalized and now opened to the public.

First-Time Freshmen Analysis of Multiple Applications
Systemwide summary tables of multiple freshman applications as well as enrollments and systemwide yield rates from fall 2003 to fall 2010.

CSU Monthly Applications
Password-protected site of monthly reported applications to the CSU by campus. Campuses no longer have to report monthly so this data is archived.

CSU Los Angeles Basin Project
A PowerPoint presentation that describes geographic access and demand for freshman slots at CSU campuses in the greater Los Angeles County area; and complementary maps illustrating commute times for travel to CSU campuses located in the greater Los Angeles Basin.

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Last Updated: June 5, 2008